4 Ways Dental Implants Can Boost Your Confidence

September 17, 2019

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You recently lost a front tooth due to an injury. You’re fine now, but you wish there weren’t a big old gap in your grin. It makes eating a bit of a pain, since you can no longer enjoy crunchy foods like you used to. Also, you now have a habit of covering your mouth with your hand whenever you laugh. If only there were a way to restore your confidence. Thankfully, you can with dental implants. These metal tooth root replacements are attached to your jaw and topped with a crown to look and feel exactly like your natural tooth. Read on to learn 4 ways they can give your self-confidence a boost.

1. Dental Implants Keep You Looking Younger

The roots of your teeth stimulate your jawbone every time you bite or chew. When you’re missing a tooth, your bone isn’t stimulated, and it begins to shrink from disuse. That part of your face starts to sag and develop wrinkles, making you appear older than you actually are. Dental implants replace the root of your tooth, fusing with your jawbone to give it the stimulation that it needs to keep you looking young.

2. Your Smile Stays Healthy

When you have a missing tooth, the adjacent teeth will gradually shift to try and fill in that gap themselves. This results in teeth that are misaligned and therefore hard to clean. Your risk of tooth decay and gum disease increases. Dental implants fill in that gap and keep the rest of your teeth firmly anchored where they belong. Your smile stays easy to brush and floss and keep dental health problems at bay.

3. You Can Eat Whatever and Wherever You Want

If you have missing teeth, or even dentures or bridges, going out to eat can be a bit of a hassle. Having a gap in your grin means you may have trouble chewing on crunchy foods. There is always the possibility of bridges or dentures breaking, which can be embarrassing, not to mention expensive. With implants, you don’t have to worry about either of those things happening. They will look and feel like natural teeth, meaning you can enjoy all of your favorite foods just like you did before you lost your tooth.

4. Implants Won’t Move Around or Restrict Your Speech

Unlike ill-fitting dentures, implants stay firmly rooted in your jaw and won’t slip and slide around as you try to speak. Talking with dentures may make you unintentionally mumble or slur your words. In addition, they might move around when you eat, making chewing difficult. Dental implants stay put. They feel so natural that oftentimes you will even forget you have them!

Dental implants can restore your confidence in so many ways. If you’re tired of having gaps in your grin, schedule a consultation with your implant dentist today.

About the Author

Dr. Brett Noorda is an implant dentist who received a Fellowship award from the Academy of General Dentistry as well as the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is passionate about continuing education so that all of his Henderson, NV patients receive only the best care that modern dentistry has to offer. To learn more about whether dental implants are right for you, book your consultation by clicking here or calling (702) 456-7403.

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