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What Are the Risks of Skipping a Trip to the Dentist?

December 1, 2020

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Woman in holiday hat pointing to her smileIt’s the winter holiday season once again! Have you finished buying gifts for all your family and friends? If you are busy getting ready for this month’s festivities, scheduling an appointment with your dentist in Henderson is probably not at the top of your to-do list. However, if it’s been six months or more since your last trip to the dental office, you shouldn’t wait to arrange your next checkup. Skipping a dental cleaning can lead to all sorts of trouble for your teeth. Want to know more? Keep reading below to learn why preventive oral care really is the gift that keeps on giving.


3 Ways Routine Dental Visits Save You Money in the Long Run

July 29, 2020

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Patient at routine checkup with dentistAs you get on the freeway after a long day at work, you begin to imagine your relaxing night ahead. As you ponder whether a nice glass of wine or a bubble bath is in your future, your phone notifies you that your bi-yearly visit is tonight. Without thinking twice, you quickly call their office to reschedule, and by the time you have pulled into your driveway, you have convinced yourself you are actually saving money by doing so.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking could negatively affect your oral health and your wallet. In fact, research has shown that every dollar invested in preventive care saves you between $8 and $50 in the long run! Read on as a dentist shares three examples of how routine visits can save you money.


Are Sports Drinks Bad for Your Teeth?

June 4, 2020

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Man drinking a sports drinkSports drinks were invented as a way to keep athletes hydrated while simultaneously replenishing electrolytes that are lost through sweat. They are helpful during a vigorous workout and taste good, but they aren’t usually great for your health, especially the health of your teeth. Dentists warn that they often contain as much or more sugar and acid than soda and juices. Keep reading to learn about why you shouldn’t frequently drink sports drinks and some healthy alternatives you can choose instead.


Create an Oral Health Care Plan in 3 Easy Steps

May 22, 2020

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bearded man in white shirt flossing

You know you are supposed to brush your teeth before calling it a night, but once again your bed is just too inviting. It’s been a long day, so you decide on a quick 30-second brush and a drop of mouthwash will do the trick. Are you guilty of finding yourself in this situation now and again?

Maintaining good oral hygiene habits is crucial to the health of your gums, the strength of your teeth, and your overall confidence. Before you fall back into those bad habits, a Henderson dentist shares how to create an effective oral health care plan in 3 easy steps.

COVID-19 and Oral Care: Why Dental Practices Are Largely Closed

April 4, 2020

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Father and son brushing while away from dentist in Henderson.If you’ve tried picking up the phone to schedule a routine appointment with a dentist in Henderson, you’re likely told that you can’t get scheduled at this time. As a result of COVID-19, it makes sense that businesses known for managing large groups of people would not be able to stay open, but how do dental practices fit into this? To learn why dental practices cannot perform routine care and how to protect yourself until they reopen, keep reading!



I Can’t See My Back Tooth – Why Bother Replacing It?

March 14, 2020

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man smiling happy with new dental implantsIf you’ve lost one of your back teeth, you may be thinking, “It’s okay – no one can see it anyway.” But there is more for you to be concerned with than smile aesthetics. Living with any of your teeth missing for a prolonged period of time can lead to some serious problems, but why? You’ll find out as you continue reading, and you’ll also discover why dental implants are the perfect solution!


Ask a Dentist: Is There a Connection Between Gum Disease and Your Heart?

February 8, 2020

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An illustration showing the stages of gum diseaseHeart disease refers to a range of conditions such as high blood pressure, chest pain, stroke, heart attack and more. And while it’s the leading cause of death in both men and women, great strides have been made in understanding prevention and treatment in recent years. In fact, researchers have discovered a connection between gum disease and the heart that may surprise you. Keep reading below to learn how a dentist can keep your smile healthier and also lower your risk of heart disease at the same time.


Achieve the Smile of Your Dreams with Dental Implants

January 7, 2020

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a woman sitting and smiling in the dentist’s chairFor months now, you’ve been hiding your smile and avoiding too many social gatherings. While you made it through the holidays without having to smile for too many photos, it’s now the new year, and you want to do something about your missing teeth. Fortunately, there is a solution that offers benefits that cannot be found with any other restorative treatment – dental implants. Offering dramatic results that will have you doing a double-take the first time you see your smile, find out more about these revolutionary restorations and how they can benefit you in 2020.


2019 Dental Insurance — It’s Time to Use It or Lose It!

November 29, 2019

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dental patient giving thumbs upThe end of the year is quickly approaching. Before you know it, you will be putting up your new wall calendar and trying to remember to write “2020” when you have to date something. But in the remaining weeks of 2019, you may still have some things you need to do, and one of those things should be to use your dental insurance! Let’s talk about how and why you should use your 2019 coverage before it’s gone forever.


4 Ways Dental Implants Can Boost Your Confidence

September 17, 2019

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diagram of dental implant

You recently lost a front tooth due to an injury. You’re fine now, but you wish there weren’t a big old gap in your grin. It makes eating a bit of a pain, since you can no longer enjoy crunchy foods like you used to. Also, you now have a habit of covering your mouth with your hand whenever you laugh. If only there were a way to restore your confidence. Thankfully, you can with dental implants. These metal tooth root replacements are attached to your jaw and topped with a crown to look and feel exactly like your natural tooth. Read on to learn 4 ways they can give your self-confidence a boost.


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