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Orthodontic Services in Henderson

Woman with bracesAchieving a straighter smile can benefit not only your appearance, but your overall oral health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, many people face unavoidable problems with noticeable gaps or the alignment of certain teeth. Here at Dental Excellence, orthodontic treatment from Dr. Brett Noorda can create the transformation you’ve been hoping for. We offer several options and can help you determine the option that’s best for your smile after a consultation at our Henderson, NV location.

Six Month Smiles

If you’d like to straighten your teeth in record time, Six Month Smiles could be the right choice for you. Like the name suggests, most cases are completed in just six months, and the braces are composed of clear brackets and tooth-colored wires so their appearance is much more subtle and aesthetically pleasing. Better yet, patients only need to attend follow-up appointments every 30 days or so here at Dental Excellence.


Many adults avoid beneficial orthodontic treatment because the thought of wearing noticeable braces for one or more years is just too much of an obstacle. Thankfully, Dr. Brett Noorda offers aesthetically pleasing alternatives that can still create the same beautiful results, and ClearCorrect is one of them. This treatment option consists of a set of customized aligners that are removable and transparent; patients will simply wear each one for a certain amount of time over a period of one to two years, allowing them to maintain a natural appearance throughout.

Traditional Orthodontics

There are many cases where only the lasting power of traditional orthodontics can create the transformative results patients want for their smile. This can involve significant issues with a patient’s bite, overcrowding, and other concerns that can affect your overall wellbeing. Thankfully, metal braces have become sleeker and more comfortable over the years, and Dr. Brett Noorda will be sure to make the treatment process as smooth as possible for you.

SureSmile Aligners

SureSmile is an innovative treatment that uses clear aligners — instead of brackets and wires — to straighten teeth. The process begins when we create a 3D representation of your jaw and teeth. Using that, we can give you a realistic preview of how your smile when look after you complete your treatment. If you decide to move ahead with SureSmile, we’ll order your aligners and coach you on the simple steps you’ll need to take to ensure that your treatment is a success.

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