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Enjoy Faster and More Comfortable Treatments with Laser Dentistry

Patient receiving soft tissue laser dentistryWhen you think of the tools used by a dentist, what typically comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you’re probably picturing a dental pick, dental mirror, and maybe even a drill. While these tools are still in use and extremely effective, fortunately, dental technology has advanced quite a bit in the last few decades. Now, Dr. Brett Noorda can utilize dental lasers to perform a wide range of procedures with more efficiency, precision, and comfort. With them, he can protect our patients from discomfort and give them beautiful results all at the same time.

How We Use Dental Lasers

“Laser” is actually an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. While this is a mouthful, anyone who has seen a sci-fi movie in the last twenty years will know that lasers emit a highly-concentrated beam of light. Dental lasers were first introduced into the field back in 1994, and since that time, they have become one of the most useful tools dentists implement every day.

At our practice, we have what is called a soft tissue laser, which means it is intended to treat the gums and other soft tissues in the mouth. We typically use it in 2 main ways:

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy refers to a range of treatments that are intended to manage and prevent the spread of periodontal disease, better known as gum disease. This infection occurs when too much plaque and bacteria are allowed to accumulate around the gum line. In the past, the first thing a dentist would do to treat this condition is perform a deep cleaning, which consisted of using small metal tools to manually break up and clear away plaque and tartar deposits near and underneath the gum line. While this procedure is very helpful, it often makes the gums very irritated and tender.

But now, Dr. Noorda can treat this sensitive area in the mouth virtually painlessly with a dental laser. The laser’s highly concentrated beam of light instantly vaporizes any harmful bacteria while leaving the actual gum tissue basically untouched. The laser hardly produces any heat and is so precise that it doesn’t affect any of the surrounding healthy tissue, ensuring a patient is completely comfortable not only during the procedure, but afterward as well. The laser also sanitizes at the same time so the gums can start healing almost immediately. It even cauterizes blood vessels as well, reducing a patient’s chances of bleeding.

Gum Recontouring

If you have teeth that appear to be short or stubby due to a “gummy” smile, a dental laser can quickly fix this problem as well. Dr. Noorda can use the laser to precisely eliminate excess tissue and reveal the beautiful, hidden dental structure underneath. The end result will be a more balanced smile, and you will experience little to no discomfort during the procedure, too!

This treatment may also be used as a necessary first step before a patient can have a dental crown or porcelain veneers placed.

Come Enjoy the Next Generation of Dentistry

With laser dentistry, Dr. Noorda can achieve highly-precise results in less time while keeping our patients much more comfortable. What’s not to love? Dental technology continues to evolve at an ever quickening pace, and you can trust that our practice will always stay on top of the latest advancements.

If you have any questions about laser dentistry or how it could be used at your next appointment, please contact us today.